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Falcon is a bird of prey. Logix is a thrilling anecdote for technology and its users. We establish ties to ensure that marketing strata pays off for businesses empowered by data. With a simple "Yes, you can," silence the sceptics.


We are a full-service data services business, dealing with high performance marketing and business intelligence.


Compiling quality insights from voluminous data sets, Falconlogix helps source the data your business needs to drive results.


Assisting you with campaigns to source, qualify, utilize and monitor B2B campaigns, we specialize in nudging the right people to buy-in!


Everything is digital. Our data experts ensure that your online and offline activities are synchronous to your business objectives, driving growth.


Understand your users first. Then seek to be understood.

Hours of hard work and consistent planning go into every successful business. Our job is to foster market convergence through effective, data-driven business intelligence and assistance. We gather the information you require so that you can prioritize business growth.

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Data Sourcing is the practice of gathering information from several sources in order to achieve a particular objective. This procedure is carried out in order to understand the target's activity and provide a superior service to them. Data sourcing is a critical component of meeting organizational goals.

Data quality refers to the state of qualitative or quantitative pieces of information. There are many definitions of data quality, but data is generally considered high quality if it is "fit for [its] intended uses in operations, decision making and planning". Ensuring data quality begins at the source. Which is why we launched rigorous data validation from the starting to provide you a competitive advantage.

A data analyst understands your company's goals, as well as client patterns and demographics. Our data professionals will scour enormous databases for usable data from the source to assist your company in improving its approach and offerings. Data specialists can measure metrics connected to corporate adjustments before they are implemented. This reduces the danger and cost that may arise if the entire idea flops. At Falcon, we know having reliable data is essential for strategic planning.